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 so glad you stopped by! i am just a girl who is loving what i do.  i am a mom to two precious children.  a sweet baby boy in heaven and a sweet baby girl here on earth.  my journey into photography began before my kids were born.  i guess i have always been pretty sentimental (ok maybe a tad sappy. ha!) but truly, i find great pleasure in capturing life as it happens...taking a moment to let time stand still.  this passion has only grown and intensified since the loss of my son.  i realize how short life is and how important each and every moment is.  so while i LOVE to dress up and feel pretty for pictures, i have found that the most important thing is to simply capture life.  to document each and every moment possible.  which is what i strive to do for you.  to capture the emotions of bringing home a new bundle of joy, the love between a family, and the butterflies you get when you stand next to the one you love.  i cannot even begin to tell you how honored i feel to stand behind my camera and take a glimpse into your life.  to document priceless moments with your families. so thank you for allowing me that great pleasure.  i hope you enjoy!


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