Thanks for being here.
I'm a taco-lovin' dreamer. An extroverted introvert.  I believe in deep and rich relationships, laughing and loving hard. I have three kiddos one of which lives in was because of him this passion came to life.  I loved every single minute in the classroom (my first love and job) but I believe that piece of my story was written in order to prepare me to be here. It is not lost on me that God had a plan for me to hold space with you...documenting and capturing the details of this life. Creating images that remind you how it actually feels to love and be loved.  I am forever grateful for this great honor.    

hey! I'm jessica

I'm here for the messy, the put-together, the chaos, and the calm.  I'm on a mission to capture you just as you are.  From the tiny details to the big picture...I see it all.  Each picture tells a story.  They have the ability to capture words that are written on our hearts.  All the rawness and deep emotion expressed in an instant...yet made to last a lifetime.  Treasures to be shared with generations to come.  

here for it

"life is about the little moments in time"



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Type 2.
The helper...with a strong 3 wing


the ability to fall asleep anywhere

Schitt's Creek


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